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2019 Spring Conference - Our Visions Become Our Reality

Presenters: This is a professional development weekend and an opportunity for TT'ers to get together from three provinces.  It also remains an important fund raiser to assist in the ongoing operation of the ATT Network.

Presenters:  Cherry Whitaker, Michelle Greenwell, Natascha Polomski, Cara Coes, Carol Evans, Barbara Cull Wilby, Colette & Marcel Thibodeau, Tanya Levy, Sandra Noah and Barbara Stone
Location: QEII Health Sciences Centre
5820 University Ave
Weather Watch Room
5th Floor, Dickson Bldg
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 2Y9

May 31 to June 2, 2019 Friday evening to Sunday

Click to download Brochure
Click to download Consent form - Please bring signed consent form to conference with you or
mail to Bertha Fiddes, 1-4452 Hwy 208, South Brookfield, NS  B0T 1X0

Please choose your fee and concurrent sessions - one per letter group A - E.  
Member Non-Member Concurrent Session - choose one per group
Friday evening - open to the public $25.00 $30.00
Saturday $105.00 $130.00
Sunday $55.00 $70.00
Entire Weekend $185.00 $230.00
Couples $230.00 $275.00
Saturday 10:30am
A1 - Chakra Yoga and Meditation OR $0.00
A2 - What does it mean to be WELL? $0.00
B1 - Weaving My Memories of Dora in Stories of Therapeutic Touch OR $0.00
B2 - The Portal to Wellness that TT provides us all $0.00
C1 - How Joy bubbles and other TT tools have enhanced my work as a counsellor OR $0.00
C2 - The Challenges and Rewards of providing TT in a Chemo Unit $0.00
Sunday 12:30pm
D1 - Integrating TT with Vibrational Tuning OR $0.00
D2 - Understanding the concept of the Healing Field - TT and TFH $0.00
E1 - Growing with your TT Workbook OR $0.00
E2 - Introductory sessions for RP's to begin teaching $0.00

Here are the wonderful sessions being offered:

Friday Evening
7:30 - 8:30 pm - Open to the public
Sound Essence Bath - Michelle Greenwell and Natascha Polomski

Indulge yourself for an incredible hour of energy shifting and goal setting as you relax and let the smells and sounds of the experience filter through your senses.  This evening of Transformation will include Sound Essences Frequency Misters, Singing Bowls, Hapi Drum, Fen Gong and Koshi Chimes. Please bring a mat, pillow and blanket to be comfortable lying on the floor or sitting on a chair.

Saturday 9:00am
Expanding our Vision through Therapeutic Touch - Cherry Whitaker

Each of us and each of our Practice Groups have evolved throughout the years, beginning from our first awakening to the reality of having access to the “Field to change ours and others’ lives”. Exploring our own awakenings in TT® will assist us to envision and create our future in Therapeutic Touch® - Support our Visions to become our Realities.

Concurrent sessions - pick one from each group
10:30am - 12:00pm
A1 - Chakra Yoga and Meditation - Cara Coes

Exploring the many facets of the yoga poses with an infusion of intention will provide an experiential opportunity for opening and releasing the physical and energy systems of the body. This gentle session will provide adaptions, and chairs if needed. Please bring a mat, blanket, block, firm pillow and eye pillow.

A2 - What does it mean to be WELL? - Carol Evans

To be an effective partner in TT® treatments, it is important that we have a personal balance of Body, Mind and Spirit before assisting others. Our WELLness practice enhances how we can share TT with others. Carol will help us to find our balance and create a triangle of health going forward. Please wear comfortable clothing.

2:00 - 3:30pm
B1 - Weaving My memories of Dora in Stories of Therapeutic Touch® - Barbara Cull Wilby

Barbara had the joy of studying and learning the power of TT® with Dora. Her personal experiences and joy transformed the way she has shared TT® and provide instruction for others. This is a special session to learn more about Dora and her passion for helping others.

B2 - The portal to Wellness that TT provides us all - Colette and Marcel Thibodeau

Explore the entanglement that happens when TT® becomes a way of life. Colette and Marcel will share their triumphs, passion and hardships as they felt the influence of TT® in their own personal care, the vitality and support for their clients, as well as how TT® influenced and connected with other modalities. You may see your own journey through new eyes after this session.

3:45 - 5:15pm
C1 - How Joy bubbles and other TT tools have enhanced my work as a counsellor - Tanya Levy

Tanya has transformed her ability to assist her clients, family and friends with the essence of TT® and its ability to weave through her life and her actions. Known as “Heart Lady” by those in her circle of influence, Tanya has transformed nature, art, intention and supportive techniques in a simple and profound way. Explore how her ideas may help enhance what you are able to offer those in your circle of influence.

C2 - The Challenges and Rewards of providing TT in a Chemo Unit - Sandra Noah

Join Sandra Noah from Yarmouth, NS, one of ATTN’s original TTer’s, as she shares her experiences on the cancer unit where her TT® group offers treatments. By sharing some of her most memorable case studies, she will explore the challenges, the hope and the promise that TT® can bring to the wellness care in the hospital and in the health care setting.

Sunday 10:30am
Vision Mapping our Future - Michelle Greenwell

Together we build a bridge between our TT® skills and our community. Join Michelle to reach deeply into our passion for TT® and for ATTN and create a new vision and map for its continued success. WE will match our skills and expertise with intention, grounding, vision, opening pathways, compassion and gratitude to create a biofield for our association that expresses self-care, community and vision. Get ready for an inspiriting event.

Concurrent sessions - pick one from each group
12:30 - 1:30pm
D1 - Integrating TT with Vibrational Tuning - Natascha Polomski

Playing with frequency, the therapeutic Singing Bowls will provide a mechanism for listening to where changes have been made in the field, and understanding through its feedback how to assist the field further or when assistance is no longer needed. This experiential workshop will provide feedback for strengthening your TT® skills.

D2 - Understanding the concept of the Healing Field - TT and TFH - Michelle Greenwell

Muscle monitoring is a tool that provides the subconscious mind to provide feedback and support of what is happening to the body and the biofield. By using this technique in combination with TT® there is an increase in awareness of where assistance may be helpful, but also where it might not be intuitively recognized. This experiential workshop will enhance your TT® skills and open up the possibility for new and supportive insights.

2:30 - 4:00pm
E1 - Growing with your TT Workbook - Barbara Stone

This interactive session will introduce you to our educator, Barbara Stone, who will share how the workbook can enhance your TT® sessions. She will also identify the key aspects of recording that will provide you with the opportunity to become a Registered Practitioner once you have completed your worksheets.

E2 - Introductory sessions for RPs to begin teaching - Cherry Whitaker

Always working to expand the experiences and the expertise of our network, the Education committee has prepared some mini workshops for RP’s to present to help educate and promote TT® to their community. If you have been stuck for the right way to offer information about TT®, this will help with those explanations, and if you have thought about becoming an instructor for ATTN, Cherry Whitaker, our education chair, will create a new environment for that ambition to grow and expand.

Please be aware that seating is limited for all paired classes during the weekend.  Registration is required!

Also please consider to bring a gently used contribution to our donation table.

There will be a 50/50 draw.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Mail To: Payment:
E-transfer to
   - details will follow after submitting registration form
Cheque mailed to:
ATTN  c/o Bertha Fiddes
ATTN Bookkeeper
1-4452 Hwy 208
South Brookfield, NS
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