Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network
PO Box 24073, 21 Mic Mac Blvd, Darthmouth, NS, B3A 4T4

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Therapeutic Touch Week Across Canada

Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network

PO Box 24073, 21 Mic Mac Blvd, Dartmouth, NS  B3A 4T4 






  Therapeutic Touch® Week across Canada May 6-13, 2019


Therapeutic Touch is a non invasive healing technique by facilitating the body’s natural healing process and fostering a sense of well-being.   Research has been conducted on the efficacy of Therapeutic Touch in clinical settings showing Therapeutic Touch is effective in promoting relaxation, managing pain, reducing anxiety/stress, and  improving sleep.   Anyone can learn the technique which can be used effectively for self-care.


Each session of Therapeutic Touch is tailored to the individual needs and rarely exceeds 40  minutes including the rest period.  The recipient remains fully clothed and may be seated or lying down.  The session can be done with light touch on the shoulders, hands, legs, feet or NO touch.  


Developed by Dr. Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz in 1972 at the U. of New York and available across Canada since 40 years with six Networks including ATTN.  See the website above for further information/location. 


In PEI, the public is welcome to receive sessions in the following public facilities: Health PEI Palliative/Hospice Charlottetown, Geneva Villa, Andrews of Stratford, Seniors Center Kensington, Wedgewood Nursing Home Summerside.  Local contacts: &/or 902-569-3496 







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