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First time joining after Level 1 Therapeutic Touch® students receive a free ATTN Membership for the remainder of the current Membership year, but this must be requested before taking a Level 2. When joining after Sept. 1, you receive membership to the end of the following Membership year.

First time joining ATTN who has taken a Level 2 or 3 class in Therapeutic Touch, receives a reduced price ($10) off the regular Membership fee = $35. (January to June) When joining after July 1st, the fee is prorated to $3.75 per month to the end of the Membership year.

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If you would like to become a member of the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network, you can apply online for membership. Please fill out the form below and we will send you payment and general information. New members receive an ATTN pin and membership card. You can pay via e-transfer or cheque.

The general membership fee for one year (December 01 - November 30) is $45.00. If you apply between June and November you will receive a discount and will be charged $3.75 per remaining month.

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