How to become a Recognized teacher

ATTN welcomes those who have been a Recognized Practician for two years or longer to indicate by letter to the Education Chair, if they are interested in becoming a teacher of Therapeutic Touch® (Exceptional cases will be considered). The process takes approximately a year or two after application as one develops required Curriculum; the fee for the Curriculum Policy and Development Booklet is $20.00 available through the Education Chair. During the process, candidates are encouraged to attend the ATTN Teacher Collective meetings held once or twice a year in NS or on an internet platform, eg. Zoom. In addition, one must secure an ATTN teacher as a mentor, who must be qualified to teach all three levels of Therapeutic Touch.

Criteria for ATTN Recognized Teacher

  • Have been a Recognized Practician for 2 years in good standing.
  • Maintain a regular practice of Therapeutic Touch (minimum average 2 to 4 times per week).
  • Have studied with at least three ATTN Recognized Teachers, thus experiencing a variety of teaching skills and methods.
  • Undertake training with a Mentor, who is currently an ATTN Recognized Teacher. Both Mentor and Teacher-in-Training shall notify the ATTN Education Chair in writing when beginning training and request current information on the process.
  • Prior to assisting or co-teaching, submit in writing an Agreement to follow the ATTN Guidelines and Curriculum for teaching Kreiger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch and submit curriculum for each level taught.
  • Develop and submit curriculum for Level 1 prior to assisting or co-teaching. Refer to the TTNO outline for basic information to cover.
  • Have received mentoring/supervision of their teaching skills with an ATTN Recognized Teacher by observing and assisting in teaching Therapeutic Touch. For example, observe Level 1, co-teach Level 1, receive feedback and plan steps to complete training. In addition Mentor may observe the first workshop taught. Mentor shall review and provide feedback to the Teacher-in-Training on the materials used by the Teacher-in-Training including curriculum, teaching plans/Notes and Handouts for Level 1.
  • Certificates for courses taught during training period will be done as follows:
    • When assisting - Mentor signs
    • When co-teaching - Both mentor and Teacher- in-Training sign
    • When teaching a full Level 1 under the observation of Mentor and before qualifying as a Teacher - Both Mentor and Teacher- in- Training sign. Mentor is responsible to assure that participants receive the full content of Level 1 before certificates are issued. First Workshop taught independently will be recognized by ATTN only if all criteria are fulfilled prior to teaching this Level 1
  • Follow guidelines of the ATTN Teachers Collective
  • Are members in good standing of the ATTN Teachers Collective
  • Participate in the ATTN Teachers Collective meetings and activities
  • Participate in yearly up-dates through retreats, workshops and conferences
  • Enhance their teaching skills through knowledge and experience of adult teaching principles
  • re-evaluate and upgrade teaching skills
  • continue a program of self-healing and personal growth

A Recognized Teacher is:

  • An Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network Recognized Teacher
  • A Teacher Recognized by another Network within Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada
  • A Teacher Recognized by Therapeutic Touch International Association