Practician Referral Service

If you are an ATTN Recognized Practician and would like your name added to this list, please contact ATTN through email at

To find an ATTN Recognized Practician please look under the appropriate provincial listing. To find a Recognized Practician in other provinces, go to our links-page to connect with other networks of Canada.

Referral Listing Rules and Regulations

The following requirements must be met in order to be listed on the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network (ATTN) Referral Listing:

  • Must be a Recognized Practician of ATTN.
  • Must be a current member of ATTN and in good standing.
  • New members are not automatically listed on the Referral Listing. Members must request to be listed annually with their Membership Registration.

The ATTN reserves the right to remove a member's referral service listing:

  • should the network receive any justified complaint of unethical behavior or unprofessional misconduct of a member in contravention of the Network's Code of Ethics.
  • should the Recognized Practician/Member be deliquent with their yearly Membership fees.
City Name Phone E-Mail
Nova Scotia
Judique Butschek, Stefanie
New Glasgow Cyr, Adele 902-752-3695
Saulnierville Deveau, Simone 902-769-4054
Windsor Road Duncan, Susan
South Brookfield Fiddes, Bertha 902-685-3993
Hatchet Lake Forgeron, Dale
Mabou Greenwell, Michelle 902-945-2967
Halifax MacDougall, Gail
Halifax Miller, Susan
Petite Riviere Nauss, Betty
Brookside Nelson, Brian 902-852-4427
RR#1 Salmon River Noah, Sandra 902-649-2201
Walkerville Polomski, Natascha 902-623-1271
Boylston Rodgers, George 902-533-2349
Dartmouth Stone, Barbara 902-478-5137
Meteghan Centre Thibodeau, Colette 902-278-2050
Hammonds Plains Townsend, Deborah
Salt Springs Whitaker, Cherry 902-925-2042
Prince Edward Island
St. Ann's Cooper, Geraldine 902-620-1533
Charlottetown Donovan Whitty, Judy 902-569-3496
Kensington Evans, Carol 902-836-5200
Stratford Fraser, Sandra 902-394-6744
Fort Agustus Gallant, Angela 902-626-6419
Canoe Cove Gallant, Lisa 519-532-9847
Baltic Heeley-Ray, Elizabeth 902-836-5066
Stratford Hughes, Mary G. 902-569-4117
Charlottetown Hunt, Derna 902-432-1504
Stratford MacIntyre, Mary E. 902-569-4067
West Covehead McCurdy, Heather
Kinkora Roberts, Francis
Summerside Walker, Gail 902-436-4460
Summerside Warren, Debra 902-439-8040