How to maintain your Recognized Practician Status

Mandatory: Educational Component, Practice Component, and Service Component with Therapeutic Touch® (TT)

Please keep a journal of courses attended, Branch Practice Group attendance, attendance as a Volunteer or a part on one’s employment, reading of TT and other energy related books with a reflection about what is read, and any other relevant TT indication of growth as a person and as a TTer throughout the year. The Practician Liaison (PL) may request this journal as part of your indications of maintaining RP Status.

Educational Component:

The most important Education Components to attend are the Annual Conference and/or the Professional Development Day because both provide in depth work and learning in Therapeutic Touch and present the RP with recent developments and up to date information. The others are options only if attendance is not possible at either the Annual Conference or the Professional Development Day for that year.

  • Attend ATTN Annual conference, or
  • Attend one ATTN Professional Development Day, or
  • Attend 5 TT related and approved for maintaining status Webinars (approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours in length each)* or
  • Attend another approved Educational Component:
    • Attendance at one of the basic curriculum components such as Foundations Level 1, TT as Transpersonal Level 2, or TT and the Inner Self Level 3
    • Attendance at other ATTN approved courses minimum of 8 hours total
    • Attendance at another Energy Course ** from a reputable organization that complied with the following:
      • What assumptions does this modality hold about energy?
      • What training do the teachers take and are they updated in teaching information on a regular basis?
      • Is this organization a part of a larger organization and what is that footprint?
      • Permission from the PL or education committee required in advance of taking the course if it is to be considered for RP status maintenance
      • Please answer what prompted your decision to take this course?
    • Offer a TT approved course for RPs to teach, or short webinar to teach an aspect of interest.  This will need to be approved by Education Committee.
    • Reread one of Dolores Krieger’s or Dora Kunz’s books and write book reports on different sections and include what you specifically have learned.  Present at least 3 sections from the book to your Branch Practice Group, answer questions and make recommendations for specific parts for members to read and to reflect upon.***

* If a webinar is not already approved for maintaining status, please feel free to apply to the P.L. in order to see if it qualifies.
** This option can only be used for one year at a time. In the following year a Therapeutic Touch Course is required.
*** This can only be done one year, and if done properly is a lot of work, rich with learning for the RP and for their Practice Group Members. Please inform P.L of choice and of choice of books to present plus provide with a copy of written book reports.

Practice Component:

  • Attend Branch Practice Group that includes an educational and sharing component along with the sessions given at a minimum of 8 times in a year,
  • If attendance at Branch Practice Groups are not possible, 10 Distance (online or virtual) sessions recorded, and traded with another RP, or teacher can substitute for attendance.
  • Make a record sheet of volunteer time in Nursing homes or other Long-Term facilities, or record the treatments provided for family or friends that have been hospitalized or others in need of sessions.

Service Component:

  • Assist at 2 Regional Health Fairs, if possible, or
  • Volunteer at a Hospice/Palliative Care Unit or other facility as long term care, or
  • Be a Practice Group Leader for a year, if possible, or
  • Become a Member of the ATTN Board for a term or work on an adhoc committee when requested, or
  • Volunteer to assist with the annual conference – eg. Fundraising, or organization etc
  • Visit a seniors home where Therapeutic Touch is an unknown and offer to introduce TT to the Facility and do a demo with one of the nurses.  This would be accompanied with an info packet that had some of the science and information re the ATTN etc.