Maintaining Recognized Practician (RP) Status

The TT journey is an ongoing one - many describe it as a “way of life”. The commitment to ongoing personal and professional development, as a Recognized Practician, is as important as that of the journey to become an RP. The personal and professional development of an RP is as crucial as that of other health care providers.

ATTN encourages and supports their Recognized Practicians through a variety of opportunities for development, encompassing educational, service and through the practice of TT.

Completion of a minimum total of 8 hours of study / practice/ service per year (from any one or a combination of items listed below. Participates in a number of ongoing development activities, including, but not limited to:

  • TT Branch Practice group,
  • TT Professional Development Days,
  • TT Conferences or TTIA Congress,
  • TT Camps/Retreats,
  • Repeat 1 of the following courses: Foundations of TT, Transpersonal Nature of TT, or Applications of Inner Process of TT,
  • Other courses relevant to TT practice; delivered in person, via webinars and approved recorded TT educational courses,*
  • Volunteer - offering TT sessions at a Hospice/Palliative Care Unit or other facility such as long-term care,
  • Be a Practice Group Leader for a year,**
  • Become a member of the ATTN Board for a term or work on an adhoc committee when requested,
  • Volunteer with ATTN; serve as a board member or committee lead for the year. Or assist with the annual conference – e.g. planning, fundraising, organizing etc.,
  • Formal Mentoring of a student RP. Documentation of the formal mentorship to be submitted to Practician Liaison,
  • Facilitate TT Community Level Courses.

*TTIA website / YouTube channel courses would count as 1.5 hours per course.

**for at least the ‘current year’ to count towards maintaining status. Note: In saying TT, we recognize and accept TT courses or TT events outside of the ATTN (other Canadian Networks or TTIA).

Note: it is important to keep oneself updated with current information, as well as participate in activities supporting TT and our Network.

Note: We recognize that the items listed above may be completed in-person or via on-line platforms such Zoom. Please keep certificates of completion and receipts as well as a list of activities attended or participated in for entry with your membership renewal each year.

Starting in 2023 the recertification for RP will be every 2 years. The submission would be at renewal time. The requirement would be 16 hours over the two - year period. It is strongly suggested that the RP maintain a list of activities, courses, volunteer hours etc. and keep copies of completion certificates to support submitted information.