Meet our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors recognizes it has a special duty to ATTN members and have implemented the following Code of Conduct which is signed by each Board member:

"We, as a Board, represent the local Network membership and Therapeutic Touch® as a whole. We are made up of individuals with individual values and ideas - this is the special gift we bring to the Board. Also included in the responsibility of this capacity of representation, is the need for Board members to pay special attention to creating an atmosphere of integrity, honesty, respect and trust and be ever mindful and conscious of delicate matters. Our goal is one of compassion, ethical and moral behavior as we work for the greater good. I agree to honor and bring the intent of this statement in everything I do in my capacity as a Board member and that if it is found that I have faltered, that my position on the Board will be challenged."

Position Name
Board of Directors
Coordinator/Secretary Judy Donovan-Whitty
Treasurer Heather McCurdy
Practician Liaison Geraldine Cooper
Membership Chair Stefanie Butschek
Events Chair Cara Coes
Education Chair Cherry Whitaker
Publicity Chair open
Teachers' Collective C. Whitaker (Chair); G. Cooper, B. Stone, J. Donovan Whitty, David Maginley, Natascha Polomski, Michelle Greenwell
Events Committee Cara Coes, Cherry Whitaker, Judy Donovan Whitty, Heather McCurdy
Branch PG Liaison Bertha Fiddes
BEF Committee Chair Heather McCurdy; Lisa Gallant, Kathy Chaddock, Judy Donovan Whitty
Communication Committee Lisa Gallant, Jo-Ann van Vulpen
TTNC Newsletter/Brochure Committee Judy Donovan Whitty
Ad hoc Comm. on RP status Cherry Whitaker
TTNC Board of Directors ATTN Rep Gail MacDougall
ATTN Rep on Can Be Well Natascha Polomski
ATTN Rep on TTNC Curriculum Cherry Whitaker
Ethics Advisor & Consultant Gail MacDougall
Parliamentarian Consultant Fred Lawson
ATTN Book keeper Denise Carriere
PEI Community Connection & PEI211 Judy Donovan Whitty
ATTN Drop Box/Skills NS/ NS211 Heather McCurdy