Benefits & Rewards of Membership

Members benefits:

  • ATTN Newsletter - A forum for learning, exchanging Therapeutic Touch experiences and listings for upcoming classes and events. "Snippets" keep you informed on what your Board is working on and what is happening in the Therapeutic Touch community. Submissions are encouraged.
  • Discounts on Workshops - Members receive admission discounts to Network sponsored events and its annual conference.
  • Access to the ATTN Referral Service - your family and friends can get a Therapeutic Touch practician anywhere in the Maritimes.
  • ATTN membership card for your wallet - confirming that you are paid up to date in the network.
  • Use of the term - Therapeutic Touch® in your healing work.
  • With achieving Recognized Practician (RP) status - you qualify to charge a fee as part of your practice.
  • ATTN lapel pin - showing you have earned Recognized Practician Status.
  • Inclusion in the Referral Service (your choice) - your name and contact information on the ATTN website.
  • Website - is your fast track to information on upcoming events, classes, finding a practician or contacting the Network. Also listed are contact numbers for teachers; many are willing to travel to your area to provide training.
  • Annual ATTN Conference - Inner work is a special part of your growth in Therapeutic Touch. Attending conferences counts towards maintaining RP status. A great ways to share with fellow TTers.

Members rewards:

  • Advise and Support - ATTN boasts a network of educators and practicians with many years of experience, as well ad expertise for providing assistance with different health challenged groups
  • High Standards in Practice - With a strong Education Committee, yearly workshops, Professional Development Days, annual conference and classes assist with continued development of skills and expertise
  • Referrals - Within our network is an opportunity for connecting and sharing assistance in all areas of Therapeutic Touch practice including those who have a private practice
  • Insurance - Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada (TTNC) have secured a reasonable annual fee for individuals who are a member of a Network and provide sessions as a business (
  • Client Confidence - A membership with ATTN provides potential clients with awareness of the worldwide network that exists for Therapeutic Touch
  • Branches - Practice Groups - Across the Atlantic provinces we have Branches, and within the Branch, practice groups have been established to support further development of skills and networking for our members’ growth and development as a Practician
  • Networking - We have a seasonal newsletter, regular communication with TTNC, Branch Practice Group meetings for hands on experience, professional development days and our annual spring conference with International and community guests to support our increased education and experience. All these opportunities provide teamwork, friendships, and connections to information, experience and support
  • Friendship - When members of ATTN get together or connect through special projects within the organization, there is a synergy that develops for the members. These friendships can be long lasting, as well as enhanced with continued participation over the years.
  • Support for the Community - Members of ATTN work together to promote and share Therapeutic Touch information in areas of the community that are the most vulnerable. The active participation of Therapeutic Touch members to provide healing sessions to special groups, at community events, and conferences adds to the initiative to see Therapeutic Touch in the hands of all families for future wellness success.
  • Social Media - ATTN has an active marketing team that provides the public with information, bulletins, workshops and event information through their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As well as contacts for members within the network and an active list for the public to access those practicians who have a private practice. Fee for service is determined by the individual practician.