ATTN Courses

Qualified Recognized Teachers of Therapeutic Touch have completed vigorous training. Their courses are delivered in person and/or in a virtual setting (ie. Zoom). Class sizes are small, fostering an interactive educational experience that includes practice and dialogue. Specific information, such as registration details, can be found in the Events Calendar.

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch teaches how to perform a basic Therapeutic Touch® (TT) session by learning the phases of the process and their accompanying shifts in consciousness, the process elements and actions (centering, assessment, clearing the human energy field, grounding and ending sessions). The emphasis is on learning the basic TT process through instruction, discussion, and lots of practice. The goal is for the student to be able to offer a competent basic TT session by the end of the course. Background information about the history of Therapeutic Touch, its Founders and the science supporting it will be interspersed throughout the course. Therapeutic Touch can be used for the ‘self’ and for others to create the conditions which support the healing process; for example, relaxation. This course has a minimum of 12 hours contact learning time.

Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch

Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch, the 2nd basic course, is focused on deepening our understanding of the Therapeutic Touch® process. Students will learn how to adjust the process directly for each Healing Partner (patient/client/HP) by concentrating on improving the use of intentions for each TT Session, deepening one’s ability to center and remain in a centered state throughout the TT Session, and increasing one’s understanding of how being present in the now, coupled with the resulting shifts in consciousness, augments the effects of our TT sessions. This course emphasizes experiential learning through practice and dialogue to develop understanding of TT’s energetic experiences. Students learn to recognize patterns in the human energy field expressed by colour, sound, visualization, and much more. Basic understandings of the chakra system are also explored. The Field between the TTer and the HP is critical to the development and completion of the TT Session. This course has a minimum 14 hours contact learning time.

Applications of the Inner Process of Therapeutic Touch

This course explores, primarily, the dual journey of those who practice Therapeutic Touch: the journey of improving one’s ability to compassionately assist others while, simultaneously, examining the path of multidimensional changes that the compassionate outpouring and the sustained centering bring to the TTer. It focuses on our relationship with our inner selves and how that relationship improves our relationship with the healing partner in the TT Sessions. The anatomy of the human energy field is studied in relation to Therapeutic Touch and how this anatomy is employed by the TTer to facilitate the TT Sessions.

In addition, this course addresses the types of scientific investigation used (Quantitative and Qualitative Research methodology) to understand Therapeutic Touch and how Therapeutic Touch can be viewed through some of the theoretical aspects of Quantum Mechanics. This course has a minimum of 16 hours contact learning time.

Therapeutic Touch for Families

Therapeutic Touch for Families is a great introductory course for families to learn and to use the practical every day applications of the Therapeutic Touch Process that could be applied in every home to ease the pains children (or parents) encounter on any day.

It is taught in a setting (on line or in person) where a family with children can learn in a friendly and easy manner- using lots of supports (toys, teddy bears, clothing etc.) to facilitate learning of the applications of TT, to use, for example, for burns, for teething difficulties, and for assisting children’s scrapes, bumps and bruises to heal. This hands-on course is focused on understanding the “how to’s” of Therapeutic Touch. It contains a Hand Book for parents and a teacher’s Manual. It is taught by trained Recognized TT Practicians or TT Teachers.