How to become a Recognized Practician (RP)

We welcome and encourage you to become a Recognized Practician. Enjoy our community of energy care givers.

Practician’s Criteria For Achieving Recognized Practician Status

  1. Become a member of the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network and maintain membership in good standing throughout the process.
  2. Send a letter of intention to become a Recognized Practician to the Practician Liaison.
  3. Successfully complete the Foundations Level 1, Transpersonal Healing Level 2, and The Inner Self Level 3 (Krieger-Kunz) with an Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network Recognized Teacher.
  4. Practice Therapeutic Touch® for at least one year following completion of the first 3 levels.
  5. Mentorship with a Recognized Practician or Recognized Teacher throughout the process to assist and deepen development along with helping to guide the student’s progress.
  6. Complete the “Practician Workbook” including the required number of case studies, required number of C.A.R.E.R. Notes, supervisions, reflections and recorded sessions as recipient.
  7. After one year, repeat Foundations Level 1 and Transpersonal Healing Level 2 with a different Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network Recognized Teacher(s). The guideline is to practice a minimum of 4 months between repeated levels.
  8. Agrees to follow the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network guidelines for Therapeutic Touch developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD., RN, and Dora Kunz, and in a manner that upholds the reputation held by Therapeutic Touch throughout the world.
  9. Sign and abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct as signed with the annual ATTN membership renewal.
  10. Participate regularly in a practice group (where possible) or use an internet platform eg. Zoom, with a Mentor for supervised sessions.
  11. Maintain a program of self-healing and personal growth.
  12. Consistently re-evaluate and improve Therapeutic Touch skills. Be aware of and continue to grow in regard to the optimal attributes and characteristics of a Recognized Practician.