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The ATTN has a healthy library of books, videos and audio tapes. If you are looking for articles on a particular topic not listed, have found research you think would benefit our library, or you are involved with a Therapeutic Touch® research project, please contact us for further information.  Our library is only available to ATTN Members.  If you are not an ATTN Member and would like to read something from this library please contact the Research/Library Chair.

Number Title Author


101 Chakras and the Human Energy Fields Karagulla, Shafica & Kunz, Dora
102 ESP Enigma Powell, Diane Hennary
103 Genetic in your Genes Church, Dawson
104 Awakening Intuition Schulz, Mona Lisa
105 The Shack Young, Wm. Paul
106 Inner Spaces Eisenberg, Dr. Howard
107 TT Handbook Level 1 - Basic May, Diane
108 TT Handbook Levels 2 & 3 - Intermediate May, Diane
109 TT Handbook Advanced Practice May, Diane
110 Reacher Article #68 Volume II Logue, Nancy


1999 Vision & Reality Conference
500 When Your Workplace Turns into Your Classroom Malek, Jitta
501 Teacher's Day - Teaching Level III Panel-Will, Helen; Simpson, Mary; May, Diane
502 Mythic Path - Guided Imagery & Movement Rituals  Feinstein, David
503 River of Stars Riain, Noirin


300 Transforming Trauma with TFT & EFT #13
301 TT A Complementry Therapy #15 B 1996
2009 Vision & Reality Conference
302 Assessment & Discovery in TT Whitaker, Cherry
303 Intentionalality: Where and it if Makes a Difference Knapp, Marie
304 Angels, Education & Awareness MacKay, Evelyn
305 Listening From Within The Heart  Steiger, Martina
306 The Emotional Field in TT Labbe, Denise
307 Creating Healing Teams in Churches Marks, Karen
308 Role of Passion and Compassion in the Practice of TT May, Diane
309 Are We There Yet? A Beginner's Mind Gould, Deb
310 Living the First Assumption in TT Simpson, Mary
310 TT in Hospital Arlene Cugelman
2010 Vision & Reality Conference
311 Basic Anatomy & Physiology Fallaize, Janet
312 Expanding on the Energizing of Absorbent Cotton with TT Morrel, Valerie
313 Finding Intentionality in Intention Whitaker, Cherry
314 Healing Power of the Feminine Fire Degler, Teri
315 Watson Hears A Who - Complementary Therapy in Acute Care Watson, Kim
316 Practical Wisom for TT Volunteers in Hospice Philip, Rose
2011 Vision & Reality Conference
317 Expanding Your Horizons
318 Following Body Wisdom Will, Helen & Bant, Mary
319 Intending Wellness Drenth, Atherton
320 Magic of our Touch Cremasco, Karin
321 Teacher's Day - Disc 1 Tamosetis, Pat & Lafortune, Gail
322 Teacher's Day - Disc 2 Tamosetis, Pat & Lafortune, Gail
323 Teacher's Day - Disc 3 Tamosetis, Pat & Lafortune, Gail
324 Teacher's Day - Disc 4 Tamosetis, Pat & Lafortune, Gail
325 Meditation As A Healing Tool Murdok, Tony
326 Conversations with Delores Krieger Cooke, Alison
327 Continuing dialogues with Dee Cooke, Alison
328 Presence, Awareness, Awakening and TT May, Diane
329 TT Handbook Series Advanced Practice Selected Meditations and Exercises May, Diane
330 Therapeutic Touch - Live @ Five 2008-09-01

Meditations - Click on Title to watch video

200 Ray of Light Cugelman, Arlene - adapted Mediation 2013
201 Meditation by Rhonda Hoadley Rhonda Hoadley
203 Tea Anyone? Michelle Greenwell
204 Purification Breathing Kathy Roy
205 Love You Love Me Colette Thibodeau
206 Heart Connection Centre for Intuitive Kinesiology - read by Debbie Rossi
207 8 Breaths to Joy: A Guided Practise Tim Desmond


700 TT - A Complementary Therapy 1996 MacKay, Evelyn
701 Role of the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies in Healing Kunz, Dora
702 Dianne May & TT Demo Assorted Video clips on TT, guided imagery etc Canada AM and various programs
703 Vital Sings - Jan. 1993
703 D'youville College - N.Y. 1992
703 Nature of Things - Jan. 1993
703 CBC Prime Time News - 1993
703 Unsolved Mysteries - 1994
703 Toronto East General - 1994
703 York University Documentary
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