Branch Practice Groups

Listed below are the Branch Practice Groups in our four regions. Generally, branch practice groups are open to all. We invite anyone interested in receiving a complementary session to contact the closest group to you for details.

A Branch Practice Group is a chance for...

  • Keeping informed of Network events and upcoming classes
  • Safe, quiet learning, through shared experiences, finding answers together regardless of our level of learning
  • Feeling supported in your learning and getting feedback from other Therapuetic Touch® practicians through gentle offering of suggestions
  • Building a TT community within our own community
  • Bringing healing to yourself and those you share life with
  • The purpose of a Branch Practice Group is to experience the modality of Therapeutic Touch as developed by Dr. Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz.

Members are encouraged to attend a Branch Practice Group regularly to improve skills, help maintain practician status and to share information. If you are an ATTN member and are interested in setting up a Branch Practice Group in your area please contact:

Location Group Leader Time Contact
Nova Scotia
Guysborough Counties
George Rodgers Wednesday 5-7:30pm 902-533-2349
272 Maxwelton Rd., Meteghan Center
Colette Thibodeau Every 2 weeks Thurs. 7-9pm 902-278-2050
7 Horizon Cr. Apt.1108
Barbara Stone 3rd Friday 1-3pm 902-478-5137
VSBR room Centennial Bldg. VG site
Barbara Stone 2nd Sat. 10-12 noon 902-478-5137
North Queens
pls. ask for location
Bertha Fiddes pls. contact for info 902-685-3993
Pictou County
Online (Zoom)
Cherry Whitaker 1st & 3rd Mondays of month
6:30 pm -8:30 pm
Port Hawkesbury
Online (Zoom)
Stefanie Butschek 1st Monday of month
7:00 pm
stefanie (at)
kathleenburbidge (at)
South Shore
Ridgewood Senior's Complex, 372 Aberdeen Rd.
Bertha Fiddes 4th Monday 7-9pm 902-685-3993
School of Nursing
Sandra Noah Every 2nd Tues. 7-9pm 902-649-2201
Prince Edward Island
Geneva Villa
Geraldine Cooper Tuesdays 7:30pm 902-620-1533
Hospice PEI
Judy Donovan Whitty Thursdays at 10am-noon 902-569-3496
Seniors Center, 25 Garden Dr. Kensington
Paula Aylward Thursdays 6:30pm 902-439-3487
Andrews of Stratford (Chapel area)
Mary G. Hughes Thursdays 7pm 902-569-4117